A Mindful Innovation in Womens’ Health
A Mindful Innovation in Womens’ Health
Jayshree Kanther Patodi and Karuna Jain
Jun 24, 2021

Competitive careers, family obligations, financial responsibilities, keeping up with technological advances, travel, social media...the list goes on. It is undeniable that life today is much more stressful than ever before, especially for women.

While most women do a remarkable job of juggling all these responsibilities and more, it becomes rather overwhelming at some points, for instance, during periods, pre-conception, pregnancy and menopause when women go through hormonal changes that impact them physically and emotionally.

There exists very little awareness around the impact of mental wellness on women, especially expectant mothers. During pregnancy, 3 out of 4 women face mild to severe stress and anxiety and a whopping 22% of new mothers face postpartum depression. Studies in recent years have shown that there is a 40x increase in child development issues such as ADD and ADHD in the last 30 years and this is attributed largely to stress and other environmental conditions during pregnancy. According to WHO, the mental health of a mother and responsive parenting impacts the neurological, cognitive, emotional and social development of a child, causing behavioural problems later in life.

Thus, there is a huge need for a multi-dimensional and holistic approach and fortunately, this bridge between technology, clinical and holistic care in an accessible manner was already an idea in motion at iMumz.

A unique blend of clinical health and mindfulness, iMumz is changing the perspective on women’s health by focusing on all aspects from nutrition to mental health. It provides bite-sized, actionable content created with a strong scientific basis to optimise fetal and maternal health. Content in the app is centred around 5 verticals - meditation, music, baby bonding exercises, yoga and nutrition and organized as a daily activity calendar.

iMumz was born out of the individual visions of a unique team of founders with deep expertise in their chosen fields - Dr Jaideep Malhotra is a highly experienced obstetrician, who is also a former head of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India), while Rajesh Jagasia is a respected life coach and Head of Teacher Training and Technology at Art of Living. Together, they give iMumz the content edge. Ravi Teja Akondi who headed sales & marketing for his family’s Ayurveda products manufacturing business and Mayur Dhurpate who was the Lead Software Engineer at Art of Living are both alumni of IIT BHU take care of the product and tech at iMumz and are the ones behind the ‘strong customer delight’ at iMumz.

The team has created a product that sees strong customer love, which is demonstrated in the app’s metrics, such as 80%+ Day 90 retention of subscribers. With a user base of more than 200,000 and the trust of 1000+ doctors, iMumz is already changing maternal health and therefore the health and personality of future generations. Growing 50%+ MoM, they are all set to become the thought leaders in this space with their unique approach.

iMumz at present is aimed at being a mindful companion for women throughout the journey of pregnancy and early motherhood, but the team is already seeing demand for more content from users. iMumz eventually plans to be a partner in a woman's life from pre-conception to menopause. It also plans to expand into more high value, specialised programs as well as Ayurveda products in India. We believe the market in India is close to $200 mn. iMumz is also set to venture into new markets globally, where there is a huge opportunity for such a platform. For instance, Calm, a unicorn startup focused on meditation, is clocking over USD100 million revenues. Globally this is a $2 bn opportunity. A solution like iMumz with a focus on mindfulness and meditation in addition to physical health has scope for exponential global growth in the near future.


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