Developing India's 1st coding syllabus for school kids: CuriousJr
Why Outcomes Matter | Developing India's 1st coding syllabus for kids: CuriousJr
Namita Dalmia
Jul 12, 2022


In this episode, Enzia partner Namita Dalmia engages in a candid conversation with Amit Shekhar and Janishar Ali, Co-founders of CuriousJr. CuriousJr is India’s first mobile-based online platform providing coding lessons in vernacular languages to kids between the ages 8 and 17 years. For more, visit:

Namita, Ali and Amit discuss the importance of a customer outcomes-based approach in CuriosJr’s success. Specifically, they explore the following questions:

• How do you translate your company’s larger vision into smaller, customer-focused outcomes and measure them?
• How does focusing on outcomes help the company grow and succeed?
• When is the best time to start identifying and measuring customer outcomes?
• Do the outcomes change over time? What are some learnings from the journey?

About the Series: Why Outcomes Matter

Customer outcomes are important across sectors and businesses, but specifically, in healthcare, education and environment as they have cascading effects on their immediate ecosystem. E.g., an upskilling platform for women improves employability for an individual woman and elevates chances of higher household income and standard of living for her entire family.

At the same time, they are equally important for the financial success of the company as they help improve customer satisfaction in terms of product quality, access, and affordability. Hence, pursuing customer outcomes is a holy grail for any company or industry.

At Enzia, a customer outcomes-focused approach is a core principle, and we look + cultivate the same in the companies we fund. This series narrates the journeys of some of our portfolio companies in identifying, measuring, and acing customer outcomes.

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