Healthtech Start-ups, Ace Your GTM Strategy with these 7 Steps
Healthtech Start-ups, Ace Your Go-To-Market Strategy with these 7 Steps
Dr Vandana Jain
Sep 14, 2021

Indian healthtech is booming with innovation and investments. Covid-19 has created massive tailwinds for expansion as well. Stakeholders in the sector understand and believe in the benefits of their products and services, but the reality is that their overall adoption has been less than optimal. The big question that plagues many healthtech start-ups is: what Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy can help them improve these poor adoption numbers?

To build a robust GTM strategy, healthtech start-ups first require a clear understanding of who their customers are, what problem they (the start-ups) are solving, and how they can measure the value they deliver. They also need to understand the market and their competitors well and be able to articulate how their offering is different from others. Armed with this clarity, here are seven ways in which every healthtech start-up can proceed to building their GTM strategy:

GTM listicle

Author is Director & Co-founder at Advanced Eye Institute Pvt Ltd, India, and Healthcare Advisor to Enzia Ventures. Views are personal.

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