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Globally, around 1% of the worlds’ children are autistic and more than 10% have behaviour developmental issues. Over the last few decades, drugs have not been effective with behaviour issues or autism. Presently, there are no medications that can directly treat autism, behaviour issues or its core symptoms. There are only two FDA approved drugs used for autism, however they fall under antipsychotics therapeutic classes, which only mildly help autism. The current treatment revolves around therapy. Therapy itself needs to be more holistic, focusing on children's motivation to increase the desired behaviour. Many therapies for behavioural issues focus on a few aspects such as speech or motor skills rather than overall development which is not a holistic approach for improvement. Currently, due to late and incorrect diagnosis as well as low accessibility to therapists, most children are not receiving the ideal therapy. In India, it is estimated 1 in 8 children have a neurological condition and up to 80% don't get the care they need.
Butterfly Learnings is a full stack phygital paediatric development and behavioural health platform that solves challenges across developmental issues through Behavioural Therapy (ABA). The company delivers integrated care through its centres (offline) with a collaborative team focused on supporting children across developmental stages. Butterfly Learnings provides Behaviour therapy (ABA), medication support, occupational therapy and speech therapy for a range of behavioural and developmental health needs.
Dr. Abhishek Sen, Dr. Sonam Kothari
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