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Networks can be a strong asset when it comes to continuous learning, business connections and career development. However, not all networks are equal and can cater to everyone’s needs. Research shows that not all networks are equal, and networks with focus and quality fare better than networks that are simply large. Women in particular face challenges in accessing strong support groups and networks, mentorships/sponsorships, and finding the next career steps. While there are several online networking and upskilling platforms, many of them are not fine tuned to address women’s needs and issues. Thus, the need for women-focused platforms enabling deeper networking, career-building and skilling opportunities persists.
Leap.club is a community-led professional networking platform for women. Their mission is to empower more women to take up leadership roles. The platform helps women build relationships with each other, find courses to upskill themselves or get executive coaching, and look for new career opportunities. Leap.club’s members include women with work experience ranging 0-20 years across all industries as well as women on a break. Starting with India, Leap.club aims to eventually take the platform global and reduce the gender gap in growth and opportunities at the workplace. To know why we invested in leap.club, read our investment thesis here - https://www.enzia.vc/perspective-posts/leap-club-investment-thesis-a-space-for-women-to-network-grow-and-mentor-their-way-to-success
Co-founders: Ragini Das, Anand Sinha
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