Thriving Springs
Thriving Springs
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Research has shown that soft skills account for 85% of job success, while only 15% of job success comes from technical skills. On the one hand, lack of soft skills cost employees career limitation. On the other hand, it also leads to poor productivity for companies. Several research points to the cost that the companies need to bear because of poor soft skills of their employees. And this is just a loss caused by lack of poor communication, let alone the rest of soft skills required for employees to deliver their best performance at work. While this is largely understood by employers, current interventions remain inadequate. The soft skills training space is highly fragmented with a large part of training happening in offline, classroom like environments which are often one size fits all. These training enables people to get good knowledge, however in the absence of practising the skills, they are often forgotten. Lastly, soft skills are hard to measure and the absence of such measurement scales also lead to poor incentive structure for employees to learn and perform.
Thriving Springs is building a platform for training people in emotional intelligence skills in a unique approach that initiates from teaching intrinsic skills such as mindfulness, empathy, alignment etc. Improving intrinsic skills help learners to build and become sharper at leadership, strategic thinking skills that will make them better problem solvers, negotiators, collaborators and more productive. The end-to-end learning & development journey will include content, live courses, AI based writing tool and performance management dashboard. This helps companies manage their employees’ L&D needs, improve organisation NPS and reduce attrition.
Founder - Rishii Dhand
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