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Cancer is unfortunately the largest and fastest growing disease globally; oncology makes up for ~22% market share among specialties. The patient journey in India remains broken as patients grapple with late diagnosis, low accessibility to care, multiple aspects to take care of including side effects, food, nutrition, physical and emotional healing and inability to afford treatments. Acute scarcity of treatment infrastructure and medical oncologists add to their challenges. This has led to a major deprivation in the accessibility of cancer care along with a heavy financial burden on patients and their families. With the unfortunate increasing load of this disease, there is a strong need to support cancer patients and help them recover effectively at a lower cost and manage their lifestyle.
Zenonco.io is a comprehensive integrative oncology platform which aims to be a one-stop platform which cancer patients trust during their treatment journey. Integrative oncology combines clinical and non-clinical, complementary methods to treat cancer. Zenonco.io is building its product along the verticals of community, comprehensive treatment support, and relevant products and services. It provides solutions such as access to clinically researched alternative therapies, nutritionists and dieticians, facilities to buy nutraceuticals, connect with a community of cancer patients and survivors for better emotional healing, as well as access to medical treatment (Chemotherapy) and drugs at lower costs.
Founders – Dimple Parmar, Kishan Shah
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